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Dexter - Season 5

IMDb 8.8 44 min
Dexter deals with the aftermath of a loved one\';;s murder, and Deb has a frightening run-in with a murder suspect. Racked with guilt and regret, Dexter is forced to come to terms with his own selfish actions that directly lead to the horrific death of his wife and now finds himself at a cross-road. On one hand, he is the widowed father of three young children working his way through the various stages of grief and on the other, a serial killer with an insatiable need to satisfy his true nature and stay loyal to Harry’s Code. As Dexter seeks to reconcile the two, he embarks on a mysterious journey filled with a bizarre set of strange and murderous characters.  
Drama , Crime
Michael C Hall
James Manos Jr
United States
HD 720p
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