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Road to Now - Season 1

IMDb 0 60 min
Chris Bath presents six-part ABC series Road to Now, unpacking key events that shaped the modern world and led us into the 21st Century. In the past 30 years, the world has undergone profound change at a dramatic pace – the collapse of the Soviet Union, the rise of China, seemingly endless wars in the Middle East, the eventual revival of Russia and the decline of the United States as the world\'s sole superpower. What started in 1989 with a wall coming down, has now led to new walls going up in Europe and the U.S. In this series we connect the dots to tell the story of how we went from hope to hopelessness. Join host and esteemed journalist Chris Bath, plus some of the world\'s most acclaimed historians, politicians, writers and reporters as they look back at the fascinating events that have shaped the modern world.
TV Show
United States
HD 720p
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